Passion. The call that comes from within… memories of the past… the inspiration of a creative thought translated into harmonies of flavors of a new tradition. ” Tamara Zanellato

Tamara Zanellato

I was born in Turin, class 86, and three years ago I chose Sardinia as my second home. I grew up in the restaurant of my parents, and since I was a child the world of cooking intrigued me. I started my career at the age of 17 and year after year I had the confirmation that the road I was on was the right one.

In my journey as a self-taught artist, I have been lucky enough to meet people who have grasped in me the desire to grow and have thus written important chapters in the book of my history. Curiosity became passion, passion became a dream: to bring back to people’s minds a reminder of home.

The passion for cooking after important experiences in the North of Italy, brought me to this land rich in raw materials to be discovered.